"A Parthenon on Our Roof" του Peter Barber

Alexandra, a product of Greek Fire. Born into the cradle of civilization. Weaned on the teachings of ancient Greek philosophers, thrilled by the bravery of Spartans and thousands of years of cultural heritage.
Peter, her future husband, a tea drinking, digestive-dunking product of British society. Working to make a living, no real ambitions or dreams. But then, he fell in love and everything changed.
At times hilarious, always embarrassing, Peter’s story of how he became Greek enough to live with a Greek family includes a near-death experience on a mountain road, eccentric aunts, Greek bureaucracy, melting flip-flops, and the decision to demolish the much-loved family home, replacing it with a five-storey apartment block, complete with a Parthenon on the roof terrace.
What could possibly go wrong?